Central Methodist Church Launceston

reaching out with Christ at the Centre


The Annual Holiday Club at Central

  • About this Years Holiday Club - The Holiday Club at Central is an annual event, which this year will take place from 13th to 17th & 19th August 2018.
  • The Theme - What's Planned? -This years theme is called 'Around the World' and is based around the stories Jesus told - the parables

Jesus showed us what God is like. He was interesting, relevant and fun (why else would thousands of people gather without a thought about their lunch?) and this club is a chance to look closer at the stories he told.

We think of ‘stories’ as tales that are Disney-fictitious and in a sense his stories were. But unlike Disney, his stories were cleverly giving instruction and loving guidance about how to live a full life. A life of love, honouring God and those around us. Bringing us and others health, joy and peace that passes all understanding.

You can download a form to register for the holiday club week here. 

The cost is £2 per child & £1.50 for other family children per day.

This video of last years Holiday Club Event is a taster of all the fun you can expect...